Thursday, September 23, 2010

Short Circuits

News from around the circuits, posted last week and linked below by topic or party.  For the latest headlines, please see the right sidebar or click here (Appellate Daily on Twitter).

First Circuit (ERISA, party houses, and Harvard Law/asylum)

Second Circuit (Alien Tort Statute/corporate liability,* bespeaks caution rule, honest services fraud, and judicial nominee)

Third Circuit (asbestos/preemption, football, willful blindness/tax, gas drilling, honest services fraud, school redistricting, and Judge Scirica)

Fourth Circuit (judicial nominee and I-81)

Fifth Circuit (exonerated prisoner, Hurricane Katrina/contractor immunity, and 1964 KKK kidnapping)

Sixth Circuit (new judge, sewer district, and motorcycle club)

Seventh Circuit (judge's Hitler reference)

Eighth Circuit (Target and fake lawyer)

Ninth Circuit (Prop. 8, HIV disclosure, steroid records, headscarf/holding cell, Iraq war contractor, gas pipeline/secrecy, UWash arson, Miranda rights, train emissions, honest services fraud, anti-gay marriage speech, and LAX solicitation ban)

Tenth Circuit (mining/drinking water, memorial crosses, and Stolen Valor Act-also Ninth Circuit)

Eleventh Circuit (TB scare, flunked law student, Corps manual/water supply, and Everglades bridge)

D.C. Circuit (al-Qaeda, sealed ruling, stem cell ban, strip searching, pardon rejections/FOIA, national parks/speech, GHG rules, and cell phone tracking/FOIA)

Federal Circuit (laser patents and successor company)

Thanks to Topix and How Appealing for many of these links.

*Available online last week, but dated after.