Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily News Updates (for the Twitter-Skittish)

Interested in daily news updates from around the federal appellate courts, in addition to this blog's weekly news roundup (Short Circuits)? 

1-@AppellateDaily, this blog's Twitter page, has them.  Sign up and follow us for the latest.

2-Or, without signing up for Twitter, just click the link under "Daily News Updates" on the Appellate Daily blog home page (right side of the screen in the sidebar, near the top).  Check in throughout the day to see what is new.  For instance, so far today, there are links to news from the Second, Third, and Tenth Circuits, as well as other pieces.

Thanks for reading Appellate Daily and hope the more frequent news updates will bring even more value.  We will keep posting the weekly news roundup, judges series, and case analysis on the main blog.