Monday, March 10, 2014

Follow-Up re Letter to Chief Judge Briscoe About Argument Audio

The Tenth Circuit announced today that it will bypass normal procedure and post audio online from the historic argument on Utah's same-sex marriage ban, to be held April 10 in Denver. Presumably, the same will be allowed for the April 17 argument on the Oklahoma ban.

As noted in my recent letter to Chief Judge Briscoe requesting that change, persons wanting to hear argument audio must, under court rules, file a motion (stating reasons).

Thank you to Chief Judge Briscoe and the entire Tenth Circuit for opening the proceedings to all interested persons, including the public, as well as national and international press.

My guess is that the Tenth Circuit cases have the best shot of getting Supreme Court review because they present the clearest "case or controversy." Unlike other states, Utah and Oklahoma are defending their laws with no mixed messages from high state officials.