Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Appellate Daily Posts of 2013

Laughter beat caskets for the top Appellate Daily post this year.

Below are the most viewed articles of 2013. Four appeared first in the National Law Journal's U.S. Supreme Court section.

Thanks to everyone for reading in 2013 and for all of the follows, links, retweets, and mentions on Twitter. Happy 2014!

1-Laughtergate: The Day the Laughter Died at SCOTUS
          *Something went awry on the First Monday in October.

2-Circuit Split Watch: Will the Court Bury Casket Cases?
          *David-and-Goliath facts with an important legal issue stoked interest.

3-Justice Breyer and Religion
          *An ill-founded assumption prompted this post.

4-Circuit Split Watch: Patricia Millett's Last Supreme Court Case?
          *Prominent counsel and a second trip to the high court made this case one to watch.

5-Justice Souter: Working in Reverse, by Choice
          *Souter retired from the Supreme Court, but not from judging.

6-Breyer Reacts to Affirmative Action Decision: 'Phew'
          *Would have been a Top 5 list, except this piece came in at #6. One of my favorites to write this year. Candid and fascinating insights from Breyer on strategy.

A 2012 post on how Paul Clement prepares for oral argument is still the all-time champ.