Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Morning from the Supreme Court of the United States (June Photos II)

Just a few of the scenes from the last week of decisions at the U.S. Supreme Court. Previous pictures are here and here.

"I don't know if I am in the cave or out of the cave; I see these shadows."
Justice Anthony Kennedy referencing the scrim and Plato's cave

Jan Crawford of CBS and Melanie Alnwick of Fox5 DC have the right idea
for a scorching summer AM: bare feet and flip-flops.

Part of the public line. Anyone have some huge chess pieces?

Scene outside after the same-sex marriage decisions.

The winning Prop 8 plaintiffs and attorney David Boies.

SCOTUSblog hard at work in temporary digs at the Court cafeteria;
there was a second table, as well. On the right (blue shirt) is Dan Stein,
gold medalist in the "Running of the Interns" and star of Vine.
Thanks to the whole team for keeping us so well informed
this week and throughout the Term.