Friday, December 23, 2011

Twitter Accounts of SCOTUS Reporters

Should be some fun Court watching in the next few months, and the list below will make it easier. Used to be "today's news today." Now it's "this minute's news, this minute."

These are Twitter handles of people who cover the Supreme Court, either exclusively or as one of their main hubs (in alphabetical order; with links). Please tweet or drop me an email, if I have missed anyone:

Robert Barnes @SCOTUSReporter (Washington Post)

Kedar Bhatia @DailyWrit

@JoanBiskupic (USA Today)

@JessBravin (Wall Street Journal)

@ShannonBream (Fox)

Andrew Cohen @CBSAndrew (60 Minutes)

Lyle Denniston and other authors @SCOTUSblogposts
     *Note-SCOTUSblog has another, more popular Twitter account (@SCOTUSblog), but the "posts" account actually better tracks what is on the site.

@JesseJHolland (AP)
     *Also @AP_Courtside

@LawrenceHurley (Greenwire)

@RobertIafolla (Los Angeles Daily Journal)

Arthur Lien @CourtArtist

@AdamLiptak (NY Times)

@DahliaLithwick (Slate)

@TonyMauro (National Law Journal)

Michelle Olsen @AppellateDaily (National Law Journal)

@MikeSacksHP (Huffington Post)

Mark Sherman @ShermanCourt (AP)
     *Also @AP_Courtside

@GregStohr (Bloomberg)

@NinaTotenberg (NPR)