Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something from the Vaults for SG Nuts

In 2002, Brigham Young University held a conference, named for its law school's founding dean, former Solicitor General Rex Lee.  The conference, which was about the Office of the Solicitor General, is linked here (first item).

Presenters included former Solicitors General Charles Fried, Ken Starr, Drew Days, Walter Dellinger (acting), Seth Waxman, and Ted Olson, as well as prominent individuals who had worked in the SG's office; among them, Chief Justice John Roberts, Judges Frank Easterbrook and Daniel Friedman, former Judge Michael McConnell, Michael Dreeben, Maureen Mahoney, Donald Ayer, and the list goes on.  The conference records are not a quick skim (180+ pages), but are filled with historical and humorous information.  A must-read for SG nuts.

One Rex Lee anecdote quoted during the conference:
I remember seeing [Chief Justice Burger] one night at a social event . . . . And he told me, very seriously, "Some of your lawyers have been appearing in button-down shirts. That’s not appropriate.  They should not wear button-down collars with their black frock coats."  I told him I’d get someone on it right away.  But I didn’t know of anyone other than me who had ever appeared in a button-down shirt!  I got the message.