Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eleventh Circuit: The Judge Camp Mess, First Steps

Per a article, Eleventh Circuit Chief Judge Joel Dubina "has postponed taking any action regarding misconduct proceedings until after the federal charges against Camp are resolved."  Camp is, of course, federal district judge Jack T. Camp (N.D. Ga.), who was arrested last Friday "on federal drug and gun charges."

Although Eleventh Circuit misconduct proceedings will be delayed, Judge Camp's caseload is being reassigned.  On Wednesday, Chief Judge Dubina reassigned one of Camp's cases to another federal district judge, William Stafford.  Ironically, the charges at issue there relate to the defendant's plan to kill federal district judge William Steele and a prosecutor, through a hit man, thus involving three federal district judges in one case: Camp, Stafford, and Steele.

For more on Chief Judge Dubina, see this earlier Appellate Daily: Judges Series spotlight of him.