Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short Circuits

News from around the circuits, posted last week and linked below by topic or party.  For the latest headlines, check the right sidebar or click here (Appellate Daily on Twitter).

EP=Editor's Pick

First Circuit (EP-SORNA/circuit split)

Second Circuit (EP-Steinbeck estate, rebuffed new trial, asylum, and judicial nominee)

Third Circuit (Mumia Abu-Jamal, overturned settlement, strip searches, and "kids for cash"/insurance)

Fourth Circuit (False Claims Act, forced medication, convictions/job restrictions, and hair strand)

Fifth Circuit (deported baby, Guard probe,* Skilling hearing, Mark Cuban, D.A. firing, apocalyptic attention, Texas/education funding, and judicial nominee)

Sixth Circuit (Venezuela/promissory notes, with later correction, Deutsche Bank/nuisance, and Palin hacker)

Seventh Circuit (EP-innocent spouse/tax, Judge Posner,** inmate mail, and Roland Burris)

Eighth Circuit (campaign spending, e-filing, securities class action-audio, city council/EPA, state chief justice-via How Appealing, and preacher/sex abuse-partial article)

Ninth Circuit (EP-felon voting-video, AZ immigration law hearing and author, Prop. 8/states' amici brief, sexual material/minors, Rio Tinto mine, wiretapping/Hollywood scandal, domestic terrorism, fentanyl/murder, brief project, and appellate lawyer reps)

Tenth Circuit (fired nurse, water pollution/poultry, and Lila Canyon mine)

Eleventh Circuit (EP-tri-state water dispute, Troy Davis, and ex-county commissioner)

D.C. Circuit (EP-GPS surveillance/circuit split, electronic cigarettes, and bill of costs)

Federal Circuit (industry standards, TiVo/Dish Network, advisory council, and written description)

Other (judicial nominees)

Thanks to Topix for many of these links.

*Dated prior to last week.
**Available online last week, but dated after.