Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short Circuits

News from around the circuits, posted last week and linked below by topic or party.  For the latest headlines, click here (Appellate Daily on Twitter).

First Circuit ("under God" phrase and Zoloft defense)

Second Circuit ("pay for delay" deal, Eli Lilly, REAL ID Act, and helicopter in backyard)

Third Circuit (cell phone location data, local immigration law, NutriSystem, ex-legislator, and HUD)

Fourth Circuit (air pollution, Somali pirates, cop reassignment, and sentencing)

Fifth Circuit (Porteous suspension, Kokoschka painting, campaign finance, Allen Stanford, discrimination, and ineffective assistance)

Sixth Circuit (ex-City Council member and water damage)

Seventh Circuit (special education, bar dues, and Roland Burris)

Eighth Circuit (local immigration law-also Third Circuit and new local rules-effective 10/1/2010**)

Ninth Circuit (Don't Ask, Don't Tell,* Chevron/Nigeria,* state secrets privilege, retiree benefits, tattoos/First Amendment, software resale/copyright, ex-state lawmakers, and AZ immigration law author)

Tenth Circuit (copyright)

Eleventh Circuit (Judge Birch and honest services fraud)

D.C. Circuit (stem cell research/stay, D.D.C. v. D.C. Cir., Kiyemba I, Kiyemba II, and Iranian properties)

Federal Circuit (autism/vaccination, Medtronic, written description, and best mode)

Thanks to Topix for many of these links.

*Available online last week, but dated later.

**The Eighth Circuit website says: "Counsel's attention is directed to Rules 25A, 25B and 28A" (e-filing now mandatory).