Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short Circuits

News from around the circuits, posted last week and linked below by topic or party.  For the latest headlines, click here (Appellate Daily on Twitter).

First Circuit (ex-hospital CEO)

Second Circuit (ladies night and ex post facto clause/circuit split)

Third Circuit (G-20 protesters, Fort Dix Five, ERISA, Doo-Wop, and mental competency hearing)

Fourth Circuit (Rosetta Stone/Google and Baltimore Ravens logo)

Fifth Circuit (Skilling, Islamic charity, and junked vehicle)

Sixth Circuit (fraternity/wrongful death, Illinois Central Railroad, arson, and Wal-Mart superstore)

Seventh Circuit (gas markup, U-funded prayer activities, real estate agent, experts/foreign law, and Judge Posner)

Eighth Circuit (summer camp/copyright, drug convictions, and ballot access)

Ninth Circuit (Eminem, water in desert, Ruby Pipeline, dying son, AZ immigration/other states, ADA, ecstasy smuggler, Prop. 8/state officials, hate crime, and grazing)

Tenth Circuit ($926M contamination award, agreement/legal fees, ex-state official, and suspended attorney)

Eleventh Circuit (Cuba/academic travel, homeless feeding restrictions, ex-Governor, ex-HealthSouth CEO, real estate agent, and disbarred lawyer)

DC Circuit (stem cell research, stem cell research-panel, detainee/diminished precedent, and legal fees dispute)

Federal Circuit (Microsoft, bow ties/false marking-see also audio below, second story, patent misuse, Eli Lilly, Eli Lilly-2, successor liability, patent rights, and Google AdWords-Lexis audio, third story)

Thanks to Topix for many of these links.