Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Short Circuits

News from around the circuits, posted last week and linked below by topic or party.  For news posted today (and daily updates during the week), click on this link or follow @AppellateDaily on Twitter.

First Circuit (stay/DOMA and DNA/Fourth Amendment)

Second Circuit (foreign countries/property tax, iPhone recording, conflict of interest, ex post facto clause, and sex abuse documentary)

Third Circuit (fraud-created market theory, credit report, blueberry farmers, insurance, soldier's electrocution, bail denial/honest services fraud, and campus speech code)

Fourth Circuit (Moussaoui)

Fifth Circuit (drilling moratorium hearing and inmate mistreatment)

Sixth Circuit (diet drug, health care fraud, and mortgage fraud)

Seventh Circuit (bankruptcy fraud, pro se success, Children's Motrin, wealthy nominee, Conrad Black, gun shop, and judicial candidates/abortion)

Eighth Circuit (intracircuit funeral protest law)

Ninth Circuit (Prop. 8-stay, Prop. 8-Imperial County, Stolen Valor Act, $29M fee reversal, grocery stores/antitrust, felon inmate voting, Pacific salmon, and logging roads/pollution)

Tenth Circuit (roadside crosses, RCRA, Stolen Valor Act, and school principal)

Eleventh Circuit (term "boy"/discrimination, international parental kidnapping, ex-lawmaker, and chemical agents/mentally ill inmates)

DC Circuit (renounced citizenship and Solon/Freud)

Federal Circuit (internet church, means-plus-function, and TruePosition)

Thanks to Topix and How Appealing for many of these links.