Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Short Circuits

News from around the circuits, posted last week and linked below by topic.  For news updates during the week, follow @AppellateDaily on Twitter.

First Circuit (cert petition)

Second Circuit (NYC taxis, NYPD Blue, and campaign finance)

Third Circuit (unnumbered guns, trade secrets, local immigration law, and motorsports/antitrust)

Fourth Circuit (SSN privacy and air pollution)

Fifth Circuit (affirmative action-via SCOTUSblog, FEMA trailers, air pollution, prisoner beating, and university speech policy)

Sixth Circuit (mortgage securities, resentencing, and judicial elections)

Seventh Circuit (judge removal, insurance, and excessive damages)

Eighth Circuit (judicial elections, witness credibility, and traffic fines)

Ninth Circuit (AZ immigration law, Chipotle/ADA, Egyptian air passengers, Juneau Access Project-audio, start 4:23, geothermal development, jury selection, brothel ads, panhandling ban, admissions policy, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and online video sites)

Tenth Circuit (BP/removal and Migratory Bird Treaty Act)

Eleventh Circuit (class actions, sex harassment, child porn sentence, campaign finance, homeless ordinance, and med-mal exemption)

DC Circuit (Bagram, GTMO, false statements, HazMat endorsement, and pesticide*)

Federal Circuit (cancer drug, safety needles, medical methods, and nominee hearing)

Other (pending judicial nominations).

Thanks to Topix and How Appealing for many of these links.

*Dated prior to last week.