Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Short Circuits

News from around the circuits, posted last week and linked below:

First Circuit (ex-hospital CEO)

Second Circuit (ex-NYPD and trademark*)

Third Circuit (media ownership, ethics complaint gag rule, sex discrimination, oversized filing, and ex-political aide/supporters)

Fourth Circuit (sore loser statute)

Fifth Circuit (Deepwater explosion judge and charter school)

Sixth Circuit (sentencing, sex history in rape case, death row inmate, and pro se success)

Seventh Circuit (e-discovery,* Senate elections, Conrad Black, and ex-Alderman)

Eighth Circuit (sex offender pic possession and Mann Act)

Ninth Circuit (Barbie and Bratz, cyclist, killer's pension claim, credit cards, land use, brothel owner, and reptile smuggler)

Tenth Circuit (The Howling Pig, ex-Qwest CEO, and land use)

Eleventh Circuit (smoker suits)

DC Circuit (lawyers and FTC regulations, Apache gas royalties, sex offender computer limits, indexed annuities, and trucking regulations)

Federal Circuit (patent)

Other (circuit court citation of legal scholarship;** for full draft article, use "One-Click Download" from abstract page).

Thanks to Topix and How Appealing for many of these links.

*Available online last week, although dated later.
**Dated prior to last week.