Friday, July 23, 2010

New Resource for Seventh Circuit Attorneys (and a Teaser for Others)

The August 2010 issue of the ABA Journal contains an article outlining a new resource for members of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association.

The bar is making available "in-depth and frank video discussions with more than 45 distinguished jurists and trial lawyers across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, seek[ing] to capture and share the bar’s institutional knowledge."  These videos are only available to members of the Seventh Circuit bar.

However, there is a short sample video available to all, containing comments from Seventh Circuit judges William Bauer and Diane Wood (from the bar home page, scroll down to the colored E-Mentoring box with a gray screen; click anywhere on that screen to begin).  The sample video is an effective teaser—definitely piques interest in the series as a whole.