Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kagan Hearing #2 Afternoon/Evening: Thoughts

The marathon afternoon/evening session of the Kagan hearing just wrapped up.  Some items of note:

1-Kagan is for cameras at the Supreme Court.  This link contains current justices' views on this issue.

2-Kagan and the senators were more relaxed, or perhaps a bit slap-happy, after hours and hours at it. Kagan had some particularly good jokes, one about cameras in the courtroom and how this will mean she will need to get her hair done. The best one was in response to Senator Graham's question about where she was on Christmas (in his line of questioning about the attempted terrorist act that day in Detroit). She responded that, like most Jews, she was probably at a Chinese restaurant. Senator Schumer chimed in that they are the only places open.

3-Senator Cornyn (with a seeming, but smaller, echo by Senator Coburn) indicated that Brown v. Board of Education was correctly decided because it was a return to original intent and not an example of how constitutional interpretation can evolve.  That's a pretty tough sell.